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People love what we do for them!

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"2 P's in your Pad are reliable and consistent. They do a good job and are fun to work with when I get the chance to be here when they are here. I completely trust Michelle to be careful, honest and respectful. She has given me some good ideas about space and organizing!"
-Mary-Claire (Jerusalem, Vermont)

"We are so fortunate to have  2 P's in your Pad clean our home!  Since she started working for us, our home is not just clean, it is sparkling!  Her attention to detail is fantastic (for example, on her first day, she cleaned the accumulation of 3 years of dust from the radiator loops, she has washed down all the kitchen cabinet exteriors, she has cleaned a hitherto uncleanable tile/grout floor) and she always does some detailed extra thing on top of getting the house overall spick and span.  "Yay!"
-Lillian (Burlington, Vermont)  

 "2 P's in your Pad did an INCREDIBLE job. It has been months since my house looked this good! I am so very happy! Thank you so much, and wow! You guys are so great!"
-Caroline (Burlington, Vermont)

"Michelle and Nicolette (2 P's in your Pad) came into my life in the summer of '08, handling two vacation properties I manage. They been doing an excellent job before and after each tenants arrival, including setting up an amenities package for the tenant arrival. I have been so pleased that Michelle now handles my residence."
-Gary (Essex, New York)

"Michelle is the best!  I always feel so calm and relaxed after she has been to our house!"
-Jovial (Burlington,Vermont) 

"2 P's in your Pad has done an excellent job cleaning my home. The two of them are meticulous in their work! We have a cluttered house and they work around the little piles of mess and always leave the house looking great! Especially great at leaving the bathrooms spotless!"
-Maggie (Weybridge, Vermont)